The recent success in our additively manufactured perovskites with graphene and silver contacts is showcased here: 

Our team received a new award from the Office of Naval Research to develop solar cells with perovksites, we are very grateful, please see details here:

Our North Texas Navy STEM Coalition (NT-NSC) website is out, thanks to sponsorship from the ONR STEM grant and the PACCAR Technology Institute: 

Check out this story on Ridwan to showcase his successes as a PhD student in the EE Department and NMDL lab! Congrats again Ridwan! 

Kishan and Ravindra recognized at the international TMS 2020 meeting in San Diego for their presentation in the Advanced Real Time Imaging Symposium.  Proud of our great students!  See the press release:

Ridwan wins the "Best Graduate Student Award" in the entire College of Engineering, Sp.'20 student awards announcement; Awesome Ridwan!! So very well deserved indeed!!

Avra sweeps his PhD dissertation committee off their feet during his PhD proposal defense presentation in April 2020, passing with flying colors!!  Fantastic job Avra! 

Check out our recent STEM related events made possible through the Office of Naval Research and PACCAR sponsorship:

Jackie successfully defends her MS thesis work, March 2020. Congratulations Jackie!

Ridwan selected for the Best Graduate Student Award from the EE department, Mar. 2020.  Great accomplishment Ridwan, Congratulations!

Ridwan, Gustavo, defend their PhD dissertation research to their committees, Feb. and Mar. 2020. Congratulations Ridwan and Gustavo!

Ravindra gives two oral talks at the TMS meeting, San Diego, Feb. 2020

NMDL group members recognized for their great efforts: Kishan and Avra for Research Excellence; Gustavo as valued group member; Ridwan for perserverence, and Gerardo, for his dedication and excellence as an NMDL UG Research Fellow

NMDL group members present oral and poster presentations at the AVS meeting, Cleveland, OH, Oct. 2019

Our inaugral interdisciplinary STEM summer camp news was featured here:

Check out the feature on our new ONR STEM grant:

Gustavo, Avra present their research work at the SPIE DSS meeting in April, and the surface coatings conference in CA, April 2019

Avra, Ridwan and Gustavo present their research work at the Texas Photonics Center Workshop held at UT Dallas, Feb. 2019

Ravindra Mehta joins NMDL as a new PhD student, Welcome Ravindra! 

Misook, Ridwan present their research work at the MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, Nov. 2018

Ridwan presents his research at the IEEE Photonics Society 31st Annual Conference, Reston, VA, Oct. 2018