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Welcome to the Kaul Research Group and the Nanoscale Materials and Devices Laboratory (NMDL) at the University of North Texas, Denton! Thank you for visiting our site.

We are an interdisciplinary research group, who strive to understand the unique properties of nanoscale materials.  At the same time, finding ways in which these materials can be used for innovation to enhance applications, is also a core focus of our research efforts.  Our research is broadly categorized into three general areas: (a) materials synthesis using bottom-up assembly and top-down nanofabrication techniques; (b) materials property characterization which includes electronic, opto-electronic, mechanical and strain-dependent properties; (c) device characterization for platforms such as low-power, energy-efficient electronics, opto-electronics, sensors, solar cells, flexible and printed electronics, and devices for biosensing and implantable applications.  After you survey our site, please feel free to contact us if you have an interest in any aspect of our research. 

Thank you!

Prof. Anupama B. Kaul